What is VelaSmooth?

A revolution in cellulite treatment, Velasmooth’s latest technology is applied for the treatment of cellulite with lasting effects.
Combining Bipolar Radiofrequency, IR (infrared), and vacuum technology together in one place, Velasmooth, a painless treatment method, is one of the latest systems used in the treatment of cellulite, local excess and sagging problems.

It removes the orange peel appearance formed on the skin, tightens the area of the body to which it is applied for a better look, and helps dissolve fat. There are no side effects. Velasmooth’s enhanced regional slimming and cellulite treatment is one of the latest technological treatments.

VelaSmooth acts in four ways:

Vacuum (negative pressure)
Bi-polar radio frequency (RF)
Mechanical massage
Infrared Energy (IR-IR)

Treatment Mechanism:

Circulation Regulation: Vacuum
Metabolic breakdown of fat cells, hyperthermia for downsizing: IR + IF
Lymphatic drainage: Mechanical Massage
Skin tightening RF + IR